Experience High Action CHARTER Sport Fishing in USVI!

Are you excited for an unforgettable fishing adventure with a pro captain in one of the world's best fishing spots in the Virgin Islands? Prepare to impress your family and friends with a special day of USVI fishing they'll never forget

A High Action Adventure

Experience the thrill of fishing with a seasoned pro captain in the stunning waters surrounding the Virgin Islands!

Experience world-class sport fishing in the Virgin Islands with Offshore Adventures. Captain Robert Richards, with over 25 years of fishing experience in the Virgin Islands, has led and managed top sport fishing operations in the region.

Inshore Trips: Aboard Offshore Adventures’ 40′ Mixed Bag III, which seats up to six people, you can enjoy inshore fishing using live bait and light tackle. These trips are ideal for children and anglers looking for a variety of catches, often resulting in King Fish, Snappers, Blackfin Tuna, Sharks, and Barracudas. It’s perfect for those wanting a diverse fishing experience and a good workout.

Offshore Trips: For the more adventurous angler, offshore trips offer the chance to explore the renowned North and South Drops. Combining trolling and live baiting in these rich waters can lead to catching the fish of your dreams. Common catches include Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Blue Marlin. Captain Richards is always looking for activity on the water or in the sky to ensure a successful fishing expedition.


For Families

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Amazing Family Fun Your Kids Will Never Forget

Creating unforgettable family moments through shared fun is crucial for fostering lasting bonds within a family. When families engage in enjoyable activities together, it strengthens their connections and forms cherished memories that endure over time. In-shore fishing presents a safe and enjoyable opportunity for the whole family to participate and forge unforgettable experiences together.

For Friends

The Best Vacation Time Ever with Close Friends

This isn’t just your ordinary fishing trip during your stay in the US Virgin Islands. Embarking on a sport fishing adventure amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean Sea offers an unparalleled experience, surrounded by a diverse array of ocean wildlife and thrilling big game fish. Craft unforgettable memories with dear friends that add a priceless enrichment to your life.

For Pros

World-Class Sport Fishing With a Pro Captain

Maintaining big life goals and perhaps a “bucket list” is not only beneficial but also vital for personal growth. What major adventure do you aspire to experience before you “kick the bucket”? If Big Game Fishing ranks high on your list, Offshore Adventures Sport Fishing offers the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality while visiting St. John or St. Thomas.

It's Always a Perfect Time For

USVI Sport Fishing

In the Warm & Sunny Caribbean Sea With Captain Rob & Mixed Bag Charters

Women Who Love Fishing!

Some of the Ladies That See Big Success With Mixed Bag Sport Fishing
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Fish Sandwiches For Everybody!

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Women Who Fish Rule!

"I Caught The Biggest Fish!"

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Pulling in a Monster Tuna

Women who Love to Fish

What a Catch! So Much Fun!

Great Fishing Fun For Beginners and Pros Alike!

What You Can Expect...

Vacation in the Beautiful

Virgin islands

And Have the Time of Your Life With Offshore Adventures!

Captain Robert Richards
& the Mixed Bag Fishing Boats
Departing From St. John and St. Thomas USVI

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